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We have a self-serve egg stand open 24/7

For visiting please call ahead,

available often on weekday evenings and weekends


19815 McGuire Rd
Harvard, Illinois 60033

Tel: 815-348-7668​

Hog Packages


Our pigs are raised on pasture and woodlands, from weaning on their pasture forage is supplemented with a certified organic/non-GMO grain mix. They are moved to fresh pasture paddocks every week during the growing season.

(Please note - we do not ship any of our products.  All orders must be picked up at the farm or butcher)


1 of each - Loin Roast, Spare Ribs, Rib End Roast, Shoulder Roast, Italian Sausage, Brats, Smoked Hock, Smoked Neck Bones, Ham - Shank, Ham - Butt.

4 - Pork Chops (4 per pkg)

3 - Ham Slices

2 Pork Sausages

4 - Bacon

5 - Pork Steak