Pre-order Hog 2021

Pre-order Hog 2021

Our pigs are raised on pasture and woodlands, from weaning on their pasture forage is supplemented with a certified organic/non-GMO grain mix. They are moved to fresh pasture paddocks every week during the growing season.
Custom Cut whole or half pig orders will be available early fall. Exact date will be determined.
(Please note - we do not ship any of our products.  All orders must be picked up at the farm or butcher)


$150 for a half pig, $300 for a whole pig Deposit Due at time of order. Total cost for meat is $4.00 per pound based on hog hanging weight, to be billed at pickup less deposit. Typical half hog hanging weight will be 100-150 lbs, yielding 80-110 lbs. of take home meat.

Customer is responsible for submitting cutting instructions to butcher, paying processing costs (~$150 per half) to butcher, and picking up finished product from butcher. If you would like no-nitrate curing for your hog, please request in the order instructions. 


2020 - We are taking the year off from raising pigs to allow our forest to regrow.

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