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Coming to the end of 2019

It's amazing on how fast 2019 has gone by. We want to thank you all for following and supporting us. This year has been different in the past because of our unusual weather. In comparison to previous years we had so much rain and an early cold snap, but our garden still did well in comparison to others around us. Our resilient ducks enjoyed all the rain and the cold. We continue to add more egg laying chickens to our collection and love seeing their tiny first eggs!

In the spring we also welcomed our first set of farm born goats, and triplets! Fern gave birth to Figgy-boy, Parsnip (we call her Percy for short), and pretty Clover that looks just like her Ma Fern. One of our ducklings born on the farm seems to not know that she's a duck so Ducky has become very cuddly with Sheilah.

This past year we built a walk in cooler, which saved us so much time that we were able to store our vegetables so much easier! We are so looking forward to early spring 2020, we will be putting up a greenhouse so we can extend our growing season hopefully a month earlier in the spring, and a month later in the fall! We have plenty of things for sale: Turkeys are ready for Thanksgiving and we have one left for sale. We have plenty of meat chickens, 1/2 of pig, duck eggs have stopped for the winter but chicken eggs are still going, and now we have honey available from our bee hives which make awesome Christmas gifts.

Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting us. Your support is so important to us so we are able to continue to grow and provide better food! Cheers to a restful winter and an exciting upcoming year!


All of us at Wild Roots Farm

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